Kangoo Jumps

What is the Kangoo Jumps hype all about?

As scientific studies show, you burn about 20% more calories with Kangoo Jumps compared to the same exercises made with conventional shoes. However, this alone does not explain the dramatic weight loss in overweight individuals experience when they use Kangoo Jumps. The secret lies in the lymphatic systems: The lymph is the liquid, which circulates in-between our cells, to carry the wastes and toxins, out of our body, keeping it healthy. Most of us are unaware that our bodies contain five times as much lymph fluid as blood.

However our lymphatic system, which is also our immune system, does not have a pump, like the heart, to keep its liquid in motion. It depends on our natural movements for circulation! If we don't move enough, excess levels of toxin actually clutters or poisons our lymphatic system. In some places the lymph fluid actually crystallizes into cellulite, which many of us know is hard to eliminate.....

Rebound exercise, with Kangoo Jumps, has been found to be the most effective way to "re-prime the pump" and keep it going. The lymphatic system also monitors our metabolism. It's hard to ignore - as we get older, we seem to put on more weight, which become harder and harder to lose. Studies have shown that our base metabolic rate, which is the rate that our bodies burn calories, decreases as our lymphatic system becomes less efficient

As our system improves, the increased transfer of nutrients and oxygen into each cell actually helps to remove toxins from our body. With regular use of Kangoo Jumps, our base metabolic rate will become increasingly more efficient, resulting in noticeable improvements in our muscle tone, and weight management. In fact, we are actually re-training each cell to perform as it did when we were younger. Once we have re-set our metabolism, we will burn more calories at higher rate, whether we are exercising or not!