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get to know spinderella

Spinderella Fitness, is the culmination of a lifelong journey in health and fitness. Elizabeth Rodriguez, who has lost over 135 pounds, founded the company in August 2010. Elizabeth has spent years learning the secrets and skills needed to succeed in effective weight loss.  She is also a certified Fitness Nutritionist & Personal Trainer through International Sports Science Association (ISSA), has completed KT Coats Pole Teaching Training & has received intensive training with various Pole Fitness Champions like Felix Cane, Alethea Austin, Jenyne Butterfly, Bad Azz, Karol Helms, Allerga, Steven Retchless, Mario Fisken, Jamilla Deville, Rafaela Montanaro, Hanka Vensala and continues to train. Elizabeth’s plans include competing in Pole and is working on forming a Pole League. 

We strive to satisfy our Spin Dolls here at Spinderella Fitness Inc, we proudly serve to fulfill your Fitness needs. For the past several years we have built a successful business on time-honored hallmarks; Effective weight loss, confidence building and much more. Our fitness centers are committed to developing a lasting relationship with each of our dolls. We also understand the struggles of being overweight and feeling insecure ... no more worries, we can help!






I know the struggles of being over weight and after feeling unwelcome at other places I set out to create a place where all shapes and sizes are welcomed. I had a vision to have fun, sexy themed classes for ALL levels and I have created just that! 


My vision included music from my homeland, the Dominican Republic, which is why the first class I created was El Palo Duro – Merengue Tipico™.


Now, over 42 classes later, I can surely tell you this is not your typical Pole Fitness Studio! I am constantly in search for other effective methods of weight loss and overall fitness alternatives.


"Look at me at my heaviest weight, I was a size 22/24 and weighed about 283 pounds, over 60% Body Fat! I lost 135 pounds by learning how to eat right and my Pole Fitness/Dance classes!"

meet the crew of spinderella fitness

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